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cocktails & dreams

the new album of no one but me & one universe.
for this album we only use the AKAI MPC ONE as a standalone, without a computer. all this was then recorded on the bluebox of the 1010music without going through a computer.
10 new unreleased songs, 40 minutes of music.
hip-hop, r&b ,soul and pop music.

1. in da house
2. soul city
3. every night
4. never ever
5. make it right
6. sunset
7. relax
8. i want you
9. good vibes
10. all the time



this is the fifth album of one universe.
the new one universe album feat. serenella occhipinti & giorgio santisi. pure energy! funk, R&B, soul, pop and hip-hop/rap! 10 new tracks! the beautiful and powerful voice of serenella occhipinti. the groove and the black power of the bass by giorgio santisi.
colors’ singles got over 300.000 streams on spotify. this is the new one universe project!

1. we love it
2. funk up the volume
3. see the light
4. just one word
5. you are my pleasure
6. shine like a falling star
7. sugar
8. out of space
9. i love the feeling
10. help people live better



the new album of one universe with lo-fi and hi-fi sounds. beats and samples full of dreams, passion and love. inside this album you can find songs created with OP-1, OP-Z, PO-33 by teenage engineering, native instruments, volca, arturia keys, roland SP404A and roli seaboard. let yourself be carried away by an album full of genres and sounds.

1. good morning (in lo-fi)
2. good night (in hi-fi)
3. deep sea
4. uhmamaeh
5. whispers
6. in my mind
7. good vibes
8. on my own
9. feel
10. green
11. like in a movie
12. time to change
13. blur
14. sunrise


the invisible sun

this is the third album of une universe. 10 new tracks written, arranged and mixed by one universe. it’s a really big project with different music genres and with many collaborations of artists from all over the world: ely b, snow sky, dct music, jazzie band.

1. take your time
2. a night with you
3. stranger things
4. like a survivor
5. into the woods
6. i believe
7. looking back in the mirror
8. find my way
9. landscape
10. follow me


never too much

this is the second album of one universe. never too much contains 9 tracks made with the beautiful voice of vincenzo cantiello.

1. unconditional love
2. summer thrill
3. if only
4. let’s dance
5. i can’t breath
6. soulmate
7. my sweet dreams
8. longing for someone
9. summer thrill (lounge edit)


come back home

this is the first album of one universe. 14 tracks made with artists from all over the world. a really interesting project.

1. playa in da city
2. i need your love
3. you
4. let’s pretend it’s time
5. lose control
6. show me respect
7. have it your own way
8. this is what you’re doin’ to yourself
9. i’m lovin’ the way
10. you can make a change
11. who i am
12. nobody’s doll
13. minute
14. come back home


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